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T&R has developed Vertibrace in response to architects’ needs for a partition restraint solution that deals with the vertical movement of a building.  Vertical movement can be caused by wind  and seismic events as well as live/dead loads imposed on the floor above.  The Vertibrace provides lateral bracing and removes the need for deflection headtrack.  It prevents many of the issues seen during the Christchurch, Kaikoura and Seddon Earthquakes, helping to ensure occupant safety and limit non-structural partition damage.  


Vertical actions on partition walls may be the result of frame deflections caused by inter-storey drift.  These actions can be experienced during seismic or wind loading events.  Another contributor to vertical movement are live and/or dead loads on the floor above.

The Vertibrace is a partition wall bracket comprising a cylinder that connects to the upper surface of a wall and a stem that connects to the building structure above.  The stem is designed to move within the cylinder along the longitudinal axis of the body. 

The Vertibrace is suitable for ceiling height and full height partition walls in commercial interiors. 

The Vertibrace has been extensively tested to exceed the New Zealand building Code using sound engineering principles. The performance and capacity of all brackets has been quantified by extensive physical testing.





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