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To complement our non-structural Seismic Range:




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The StratoBrace is designed to lock into a two way suspended grid system in order to increase its ability to withstand lateral loads.  It is a simple system that is easy to install. If perimeter fixing is insufficient for the seismic demand, a ceiling must be restrained to the structure above using another method such as StratoBrace.

This product provides a strong, effective and tested method to provide lateral restraint.  


  • The StratoBrace provides a proprietary bracket to attach a compression strut and two orthogonally opposing angle struts to the ceiling grid.  
  • Its performance has been extensively tested.
  • Use the T&R Seismic Calculator to design a ceiling that complies with the requirements set out in NZS1170.5.  www.tris.co.nz/ index/home/Seismic_Calculator.
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